Various Soft Gelato Recipes That Will Make You Addictive

Various Soft Gelato Recipes That Will Make You Addictive. When the weather is hot, visiting an ice cream shop is an option. Especially now that there are so many ice cream shops that serve unique ice cream with various flavors. Lately in Indonesia, there have been many outlets selling gelato. But what’s the difference between gelato and ice cream? Basically, gelato itself means ice cream in Italian, but gelato feels denser but the texture is so smooth with a strong milky taste. Meanwhile, ice cream is stronger in a creamy taste.

Various Soft Gelato Recipes That Will Make You Addictive. Gelato has less fat than ice cream. Because ice cream is made with cooking cream that contains at least 10 percent fat, while gelato uses more milk than cream. Gelato also usually uses less egg yolk. Ice cream is usually stirred quicker and stronger than gelato. So as a result, there is an increase in the volume of the ice cream through the air that arises during the stirring process. While the gelato is stirred at a slower speed, the resulting mixture becomes denser. The temperature when serving is different. Ice cream is best served at a temperature of minus 12 degrees Celsius if regular gelato is served at a temperature of 15 degrees hotter than ice cream.

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Popular types of gelato recipes

This typical Italian ice cream is getting more and more fans, as evidenced by the shops that sell this dessert are increasingly spreading in several cities in the country. Ordinary ice cream is made from more cream composition, gelato is made from more milk. That is why Gelato has a softer texture. Gelato is made from natural ingredients so it has a varied choice of flavors. With these advantages, generally, gelato is sold at a higher price than ice cream. Don’t worry, you can also make your own gelato at home.

Basic Gelato

Before making various gelato flavors, it would be nice to know the original gelato recipe first. The taste is still original, there is no fruit or chocolate taste.
How to make :

-Beat eggs and sugar using a mixer until it turns white, then add the whipped cream and beat until smooth.

-Boil with liquid milk to a boil then wind it to a boil

-Mixer again until the mixture thickens and then freeze

-Re-mix the gelato mixture for a few hours, then freeze again. This process can be done repeatedly to get a soft gelato texture.

Strawberry Gelato

The freshness of the strawberries combines with the deliciousness of the milk into a sweet combination that melts in the mouth.
How to make :

-Beat eggs and sugar until white, then mix in milk

-Bring the dough to a boil then add the whipped cream and stir until blended. Let it cool down.

-Combine the strawberry juice and mix well. Freeze for 8 hours.

-If you want a smoother texture, mix the frozen gelato again until you get the desired texture

Dragon Fruit Gelato

Not only tantalizing, but dragon fruit is also rich in nutrients for the body. Especially when combined with milk, it will definitely be a dessert with nutrition words.
How to make :

-Cook the milk and cornstarch over low heat. After thickening, let it cool and place in the freezer

-Mash the dragon fruit then freeze it in the freezer too

-After a few hours, blend the two ingredients until well blended

-Put in the freezer for 8 hours