Tips for choosing the right beer

If you want value for your money, you will go for a high-quality beer. You have to understand that beer comes in two kinds: lagers and ales. Lagers are lighter in taste and colour and popular, while ales are darker and have a stronger taste. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a beer:

The appearance and aroma

Examine the colour of the beer before you buy it. Beers can be red, brown or black. The clarity of the beer also matters. If you can see the trails of the beer’s head on the edge of the glass, it is high-quality beer. Also, pick out the smell of the beer. Some beers have fruity smells, while others may be malty, floral, etc. Go for the one which pleases you the most.

Mouthfeel and taste

The dryness or sweetness of the beer determines its taste. The first impression you get from drinking the beer is the amount of sweetness. Usually, your taste buds tingle if the beer is sweet. Some dry beers also have hints of sweetness. In other cases, the beer can be tart. This means it has a high level of acidity and is light-bodied. A less acidic beer has more body and is rich in appearance. If the beer contains tannin, it will dry out your mouth. Tannin makes beer astringent.

Pairings with food

To enjoy your beer, you have to pair it with the right food. Specific beers are best enjoyed with specific foods. For instance, light beer is paired with seafood. Foods such as lobsters and sushi have overpowering flavours and they help clean the palate. You can’t beat them with a beer with an overpowering flavour as well. Light beers allow the seafood’ flavours to take centre stage. If you want to opt for Italian dishes, dark beers are best. Italian dishes like pasta are heavy in tomatoes and do well in the mouth with full-bodied beers. This combination of a heavy meal and heavy drink is unexpectedly surreal. For Asian foods, sour beers work best because the foods are spicy. The beer helps to balance the spiciness. If you are a lover of spicy Indian meals, opt for the pale ales. They help to warm the spices on your tongue. For desserts, replace the wine with winter beer like old ales.

Shop during seasons and read online reviews

If you want the freshest beers, shop during the season of beer. Some beers are brewed during specific seasons, while some, around the year. For instance, ales, porters, etc, are brewed all year round. If you are still undecided about which beers to go for, check out online reviews. You get to know which beer tastes like what and what better suits the occasion if there is any. However, don’t allow online reviews to stop you from being adventurous. You can also ask the beer sommelier to help you make the right choice if you still feel stuck. For example, you can check through a list of drink delivery services and read the reviews of companies on the list. From the reviews, you can get to know the quality of drinks they sell, how healthy they are and if there are any perks of patronizing them at that time. For instance, you can get to know if there is an active and effective Beer52 promo when you read their reviews.