There are so many ways to attach, even when a lot of them are now on-line. The pickled purslane was sharply bitter and refreshing. All of the potent bitterness of the raw inexperienced was gone. Perhaps this transformation is the specified effect of the recipe – a uniformly bitter pickle that can be consumed year-spherical – but I skilled this style transformation as a loss. An anodyne flavor took the place of the bitter intensity that I appreciated in the uncooked greens.

This recipe “To make Plague water” is from Folger Shakespeare Library Ms. V.b.380 and, from what I’ve seen, a typical recipe for this preventative tonic. I’ve been researching this manuscript alongside a group of undergraduate researchers and librarian colleagues since early 2019. (See associated posts here.) The paper in the manuscript dates from 1667 and accordingly this recipe for “Plague Water” was collected, saved, and perhaps prepared in … Read More