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How To Make Your Food Last Longer

The first time I examined the recipe with students, we scalded the cream, milk, and egg combination until it curdled and tried to pressure out the whey. Barely any liquid dripped out of the mix and we have been left with a stinky mess. The resulting filling was luscious and delightfully scented with orange and lemon. I determined to replace recipes for both “a crust for Tarts” and “To Make a Lemon Tart” from the Browne manuscript for the Rare Books Bake Off challenge. Neither recipe has been copied from Hannah Glasse’s magisterial cookbook.

Ghee is a conventional ingredient in Indian cuisine and I had some to hand. I did not attempt the trick for molding the rice into a dome because it was pretty crazy in my kitchen already, but I’d like to see results should you do! Finally, I used a … Read More