Meatless Monday Recipes

Please, 10 teaspoons of sugar in a single can of coke! FOOD FRAUD. It is precisely just like the tobacco industry, who little by little by little had been pressured to write the hazardous warnings on the facet of the pack. Now, we stay in a nearly smoke free society.


Doctors will never tell a affected person that cancer cells thrive on sugar. They see patients all day, they carry out day long surgeries. When would they’ve the time or the will to EVER do any research.

Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

  • Roll your chicken in tortilla chips and chili powder.
  • Looking for something a little extra Pan-Asian?
  • Once you see how straightforward (and delicious) selfmade chicken tenders could be, you could by no means wish to order them at a restaurant again.
  • Below, find recipes for all these, plus extra.

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