Why It’s So Important To Prepare Our Own Food

One examine discovered that French adults who cooked at home ate a higher variety of foods than those who primarily ate out. As any RD will tell you, having a diversified food regimen ends in consuming a greater range of vitamins (because nobody food contains everything you need!) and may result in total better well being. Make a promise to begin cooking tonight (maybesnag a duplicate of our cookbook) and meet us within the kitchen.

This week on Well+Good, we’re launching Cook With Us, a new program designed to help you do exactly that. Sometimes, you just want someone to show you where to start out, and maybe a couple of others cheering you on.

Turn dinner time into time for snacking, and it’s easy. Omelets are good because of their versatility, and there’s two issues occurring here. You can do it beneath the guise of making everybody pleased.

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