Compared to different emergency meals brands, Augason Farm’s freeze-dried bulk foods are additionally very inexpensive. For example, a bucket of dried fruit will price you about $fifty four per pound. Luckily, their freeze-dried meals are fairly low-cost.

There can be lots much less sodium of their meals than you’ll find in other manufacturers. Click to enlarge Meals by Augason Farm are pretty low on protein – just about 6 grams per serving. However, their meals are inclined to have extra calories than other manufacturers (about calories per serving). Most of Augason Farms products are available in #10 cans with a shelf life of as much as 30 years.

When you open the can, you’ll find smaller pouches with about four servings each. This makes it really handy to use the meals – you’ll be able to open a can with out having to fret about utilizing every little thing at … Read More