Everyday Cooking Recipes

Removing the milk solids and impurities allows us to retain a lot of the flavor of butter whereas being able to cook at greater temperatures. Butter without milk solids known as clarified butter or drawn butter (though some restaurants serve simply melted butter as drawn butter).


Pancakes, waffles and cornbread are all dishes you can make totally from your pantry. Boxed pancake mixes, brownie mixes or biscuit mixes may appear to be a quick and simple shortcut, however likelihood is, you have already got every thing you need in your kitchen to make these delicious baked goods. So these boxed mixes rank among the many groceries you should stop buying. Milk, for example, will separate and crumb-topped dishes will get soggy.

Before you’re tempted to throw all your leftovers in the icebox, learn up on the foods you must by no means freeze. Chicken bones, celery leaves and carrot tops … Read More