Kitchen Spices: Basic Kitchen Seasoning

Kitchen Spices: Basic Kitchen Seasoning

Kitchen spices are useful for adding to the taste of food and making it taste more delicious. What spices should be in the kitchen? There are several kitchen spices that must be at home as cooking spices. Always try to be at your friends’ house!

Salt and Sugar

The first kitchen ingredients that you must have at home are salt and sugar. Salt will add a salty savory taste to every dish. While the sugar will make the dish a little sweeter and appetizing.

Red onion

The next basic seasoning is red onion. Shallots can be either fresh shallots or fried shallots. Various dishes such as stir-fried, clear, coconut milk, and grilled dishes will taste even more delicious and appetizing with the red onion seasoning in them.


Garlic is another fundamental spice that everyone should have on hand. The garlic has the ability to impart a particular flavor and scent to every meal, soupy or dry.


Chili is also a mandatory basic spice in every Indonesian dish. The spicy taste of chili will make every dish more challenging and delicious. The chili itself consists of various types ranging from cayenne pepper, curly chili, large chili, white chili, and paprika chili.

Pepper, Coriander, Miri, and Nutmeg

Pepper, coriander, Miri, and nutmeg are also spices that must be at home. Various stir-fried dishes will taste more delicious and fragrant with the addition of pepper in it. While the coriander will make every fried dish taste more appetizing. Various dishes such as soup, curry, and Rawon must use basic spices in the form of pepper, coriander, Miri, and nutmeg.

Rhizome Spices

The rhizome spice is also a mandatory basic spice at home. Rhizome spices consist of several types ranging from turmeric, aromatic ginger, ginger, galangal, and lock. Typical Indonesian dishes generally use rhizome spices in them, such as Soto, rendang, meat stews, and fish tamarind vegetables.

Citrus Leaves, Salam Leaves, and Lemongrass Stems

It is also a basic kitchen spice that must be at home. Citrus leaves are usually used to cook vegetable lodeh, and additional ingredients to make peanut brittle, and chili sauce. While bay leaves and lemongrass stalks are often used for seasoning Soto dishes and various traditional dishes that are rich in spices in them.

Those are some basic kitchen ingredients that you must have at home. In addition to the spices above, other kitchen spices such as leeks, celery leaves, and onions should also be prepared at home. I hope this information is helpful.