Classic French Spinach Quiche

This spinach quiche is Trish’s “go-to” brunch dish. The mixture of heavy cream and Gruyère makes it rich and flavorful. There’s additionally a good little bit of spinach, which balances out all that richness and makes it just a little bit healthier. When you unroll the pastry dough, lay it out on frivolously floured surface, pastry cloth or silicone baking mat. Roll the dough out in order that it’s about 1 inch larger in diameter.

Turned out perfect and was YUM!! POSITIVELY will do that again. Thanks for making it so easy.

Best Quiche Recipes

Place pie crust in 9-inch glass pie plate as directed on field for One-Crust Filled Pie. Followed the basic recipe, but my add in have been leftover smoked turkey, steamed broccoli, sauteed onions and a combo (finishing up opened pkgs)of cheeses.

Loved the quiche, thanks a lot. To simplify things, I suggest utilizing a store-bought crust. When shopping for frozen pie crust, be sure to examine it rigorously on the retailer for cracks.

  • OMG – what a delicious quiche.
  • To save time, Pillsbury™ refrigerated pie crust makes a straightforward substitute for a from-scratch crust.
  • This meal-in-pie-type provides loads of protein, a creamy custard and a flaky crust.
  • This quiche recipe may be eaten sizzling from the oven or served in chilly slices the subsequent day.

Made your spinach quiche twice for visitors and it was such a hit. I glided by your recipe and thank you Doni for the trace of utilizing my potato ricer to squeeze the spinach, was great.

I will nonetheless be making an attempt this once more, simply with various kinds of fillings. Will let u know the way that works and will change my rating if it was simply dangerous luck. My husband has been saying he doesn’t like quiche, however he said this was good. I made two like this using cheddar cheese, one with bacon and one with mushrooms, peppers, Monterey Jack and onions.

Mini Mushroom-&-sausage Quiches

Sprinkle a little flour in bottom of the pie plate; fold the dough in half, raise it up and lay on half of the dish. Unfold the dough and gently ease the pastry into the pan.

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