Cake: 6 Variants of Bittersweet Dessert Box by Najla

Cake: 6 Variants of Bittersweet Dessert Box by Najla

CAKE- When you need time to relax and unwind, enjoying sweet foods such as dessert or dessert can be your choice to get the mood back up.

Well, one of the dessert menus that you can try is the dessert box from Bittersweet by Najla which is currently popular on Instagram. Having a wide choice of flavors, here are 6 of the most favorite menu variants that you should try!

Turkish Choco Dessert Box

Turkish Choco is one of the best-selling dessert box variants from Bittersweet by Najla. This dessert box consists of layers of chocolate butter cake, white mousse, chocolate mousse, and a sprinkling of melted Belgian chocolate which is then sprinkled with choco chips.

Belgium Choco Dessert Box

Super-premium, this variant presents layers of cake, mousse, and chocolate sprinkles which are all made from real Belgian chocolate. This dessert box looks even more beautiful and tempting with the addition of toppings in the form of pieces of chocolate bars and special choco chips.

Milk Bath Dessert Box

For cheese lovers, this dessert box in the Milk Bath variant will definitely make you fall in love. This dessert box consists of a layer of super-soft butter cake, light white cream, and a generous sprinkling of grated cheddar cheese. Then, the final touch is the milky liquid which is soft and tempting.

Regal Dessert Box

Bittersweet by Najla presents Marie Regal Biscuits in one of its menu variants. Then, this variant titled Regal Dessert Box is sure to make you addicted to layers of vanilla sponge cake, regal custard crème, and gold caramel Belgian chocolate.

Tiramisu Dessert Box

Tiramisu Dessert Box is one of the variants that have the most complete blend of flavors. Then, this variant has the first layer, which is a coffee-flavored sponge cake, while in the second layer there is soft cream cheese and the third layer is Belgian premium chocolate.

Red Velvet Dessert Box

Looking tempting with its fiery red color, the Red Velvet variant is no less delicious for you to taste. Then, the variant consists of a combination of layers of velvet cake and cream cheese, then a generous sprinkling of velvet crumble, and an additional Oreo biscuit topping.

Dessert boxes from Bittersweet by Najla are priced between Rp. 60 thousand – Rp. 75 thousand. To enjoy it, you can come directly to the nearest Bittersweet outlet or you can also order it online.