7 Best Valentine’s Date Ideas for Young Couples

Valentine is a season of expressing love and there are several ways to go about it. For lovers, it is a time to reinstate their commitments to themselves, exchange gifts, spend time with themselves, and do the things they always love to do.

According to, valentine is also that time of the year that affords lovers the opportunity to tick an item on their bucket list. If going on a date is your valentine plan as a young couple, then you must have been considering several options. Here are seven of the best Valentine’s Day date ideas that you can consider even if you are one of those who find love online.

1.      Visit a bookstore you love together

A book, they say, is a gift that one can always open over and over again and that is why going to a bookstore that you both love is a great valentine date idea to consider. You can have a discussion about what bookstore to go, what book to get there, and other things to do.

2.      Watch a valentine movie

Another great valentine date idea you can consider as a young couple is to go watch a valentine movie together. It could be a movie about love, romance, or an area that best appeals to both of you. Whatever movie you will watch should be one both of you have agreed on and are okay with.

3.      Attend a virtual concert

A virtual concert is a fun thing to attend, but it will be more fun when you consider it as a valentine date option. As young lovers, there is every certainty that you both will love it. Find out if there are any virtual musical concerts this season and be sure it is one you love.

4.      Go shopping for your favourite items

We all love gifts, accessories, and clothing especially when they come on days that matters the most. As a young couple, shopping in a fashion or gift store is an awesome valentine date option to consider.

5.      Go for a weekend getaway

Spending some time together, talking about what interests two of you, and doing the things you love to do are all what you can do while on a weekend getaway. No technology can replace physical presence especially at a time like this – valentine.

6.      Plan a train ride

‘Lovers who ride together, stay together’ is one saying you must have come across. There are several ways to ride together which could be a boat ride, car ride, or a flight together. However, none of these is as interesting as a train ride with the love of your life. Just the two of you on the train, with the peace and quietness that comes with it.

7.      Watch a comedy show together

What is Valentine’s Day when you and your lover cannot laugh together? Obviously not much fun and that’s why scheduling to see a comedy show can be a great valentine date idea for young couples. You can go to the cinemas or sit at home and watch one on Netflix.

The valentine season is a once in a year season that young couples should make the most of. With these seven date ideas that have been discussed above, you can make it a memorable one for you and your lover.