5 Processed Ideas Made From Ground Meat That Are Easy to Make

5 Processed Ideas Made From Ground Meat That Are Easy to Make. Each region in Indonesia has unique foods that are appetizing. Although processed from the same main ingredient, the menu that is created can vary. One of them is using beef as the basic ingredient. Eating beef is indeed a common thing for many people. Many parts of beef can be consumed.

5 Processed Ideas Made From Ground Meat That Are Easy to Make. However, there is also a different way of marketing beef, namely by chopping it until it is quite smooth. This is usually done if you want to prepare several types of menus that require minced meat. Then, if there is still minced meat left in the kitchen, you can take advantage of it. For those of you who are curious about what are the processed creations made from minced meat, here are five lists.

Spicy beef mince with jasmine rice

This menu is perfect as an option for practical and easy home cooking. The minced meat used can be sauteed with various spices, it is recommended to be spicy like this one menu. Besides, there are also additional broccoli and paprika slices that are used. This menu is best served with warm, fluffier, and fragrant rice.

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Asian beef mince noodle bowl with a fried egg

The yellow noodle menu is very close to Asian specialties. The yellow noodles used are equally delicious when combined with the delicious and appetizing stir-fry minced meat along with other ingredients. Also, there are additional mustard greens and fried eggs on this menu. The taste will certainly be very delicious and appetizing.

Teriyaki beef

This Japanese product has indeed attracted quite a lot of attention with the delicious and different sensation of spices. The use of ingredients in this menu is beef or chicken. Not only the whole, but you can also use minced meat as the best choice for the teriyaki menu. Usually, the taste of spices is much more pervasive with the use of minced meat because of its small size.

Thai Beef Mince Cos Lettuce Cups

You can serve this one menu as a casual snack, in addition to a home menu. The processing process is also practical or you can even make it from the rest of the existing stir fry. The minced meat that has been stir-fried with various spices and ingredients will then be served on lettuce shaped like a container. The taste sensation is of course fresh and unusual.

Beef mince kebabs

If you are on a whim or confused looking for easy cooking ideas made from minced meat, then you can try this menu. The chopped beef will also be made into one dough before being printed on a piece of wood. The soft texture of this mini kebab is indeed very appetizing.