3 Important Things to Know Before Hiring Your Private Chef

Personal cooks can help bridge the gap between our busy schedule and a balanced lifestyle. We all need homemade meals to ditch away processed foods and keep our pile of nutrients running up.

But in the middle of all these, we can get carried away and not make the best choice. There have been complaints on about personal cooks and how to assess their worth.

Although we all believe the best private chef should offer the best services, there are always exceptions to this claim. Looking at all factors, here are some steps to consider in hiring your private chef or assessing their qualities.

How much does a private chef charge?

The question of how much is always a function of value. Rather than ask how much, you should be asking what services private chefs render and how they go about such services.

Nonetheless, there is a figure to everything. In other words, everything has a price. According to popular claims and opinions, private chefs charge as much as $100-$400 for every meal prepared.

This price range is, however, informed by factors such as location, need, expertise, and experience. The more experienced the chef, the more money s/he will charge. This should be taken into account when hiring your next private chef.

What factors determine the cost of a chef?

There is an agreement on four major factors and they are servings, location, experience, delivery, and diet. All of these factors are unique from each other and one another.

By servings, we mean how many meals you want to be delivered in a day. Of course, the higher the servings the higher the charges.

You may also want to consider the location of your chef or your location and the proximity of that location to grocery stores. Unless you are getting groceries yourself, which is unlikely, the stress and efforts invested in getting groceries may be added to the costs of service.

Another factor is experience. The experience of your chef is one major determinant of costs. The more experienced the chef is, the more money you would need to part with in hiring that chef. Then there is delivery. If a chef has to work from their commercial workstation rather than in your kitchen, such a gesture may attract extra fees.

Lastly, diet likewise plays a significant role in determining what a chef should be paid and what he shouldn’t. The more expensive the diets are, the more fees your private chef will demand. The less expensive, the fewer fees. It goes on that way.

What’s included in the price of a private chef?

More often than not, these are some of the things the price of a chef covers:

  • Meal Planning
  • Food Preparation
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Kitchen Management
  • Food Storage
  • Food Service
  • And so on


Before you hire that private chef, these are some of the things you should know and keep close to yourself. They will inform your decision about hiring and price negotiation.